Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Box of Crayons

I don't quite understand people who don't get a little giddy or nostalgic when they smell a
 new box of crayons. 
One of the best parts of a new school year is the enjoyment of brand new, never been used, folders, pencils, journals, and for those of us who grew up in the 80's...a new trapper keeper! I think one of the first signs that I may have just been destined to be a teacher was my pure fascination of school supplies, pretty classrooms, and pretty much the whole essence of school.
Each new school year brought with it my mom and my school supply shopping trip! We would go to Target, by our usual popcorn and coke to snack on while we shopped, and hit the school supply section. I always think back to shopping trips as a kid, and instead of wanting to go to the toy section I went straight for the school supply/stationary aisles. So my mom and I spend the new couple of hours picking out the BEST they have to offer and we head home. Once we get home the real fun begins, because I then start opening everything and making sure I got it just how I wanted for the 1st day of school.
While reliving these most amazing memories and walking through the school supply section at Target, (praying that my son doesn't begin screaming...I am still new at this mom thing) I can's stop thinking about 2 things:
1. I need to share how the whole school supply thing works in a lot of classrooms today (especially for new Kindergarten parents), AND
2. I need to donate school supplies to the kids who don't get to have that "mom and daughter shopping trip" or who walk into school on the 1st day not knowing IF they will have any new school supplies.
I am going back to #1 and then I will leave you with my thoughts on #2.
In many of today's classrooms school supplies are handled a little differently. For one, parents can now pre-purchase school supply sets that will be waiting for your child when they walk into their classroom for the first time. This is for those of you who don't share my love for new school supplies. You may also be a little smarter than me, because it makes so much sense and I am sure it is nice to not have to worry about getting all the supplies on the list. Whether you pre-purchased supplies for your child or you spent the hours and hours rounding up everything on the list, once you get to your child's classroom most supplies are distributed around the class. Most teachers will have designated areas for supplies, such as crayons, markers, scissors and paper. Like I said earlier, in a lot of today's classrooms supplies are all taken up and then used, as necessary. I would not have enjoyed this as a child, because I wanted my own supplies kept in my own "very cool" supply box. I share this to keep in mind while you and your little one/ones are out searching for the best of the best of each item on your list.
My second lightbulb moment in the school supply aisles of Target was that I needed to find some place to accept my donated supplies. As I drove home, about as excited I could be, to research where to donate school supplies, a Kroger commercial interrupted my thinking. Kroger has a program where you can buy a pre-packaged supply kit (I know this goes against my grain) and put it in a box for Kroger to donate. I also was able to find countless websites to assist with my search for a place to donate.
My challenge today is to join me in donating school supplies. This could be a great learning moment for your children, as they experience the intrinsic value of doing good. :)

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