Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GAME DAY- Dice Operations

This "game" can be used to help kids practice math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Kids roll dice and then complete the operation with the 2 digits showing. Essentially, you can add just about any twist to this activity:
Give your child 2 dice and you have 2 dice. You both roll, complete the operation, and the person with the largest number gets a point.
Give your child 2 dice, roll, complete operation, and you they get that many points. For instance, they roll a 6 and 4. If they are working on multiplication they multiply the factors to get the product, 24. On their next round they add the next product to 24 and keep going until they get to 100. If you are doing subtraction or division have them start with 100 and subtract until they get to zero.
Give your child 4 dice. Have them roll, add 2 of the dice and then the other 2. For example, thy roll 7,3,4,1. Add 7 and 3 to get 10. Add 4 and 1 to get 5. Their numbers are now 10 and 5, which they will then add, subtract, multiply, or divide.

Dice are great ways to get kids excited about working on math! They are great for emerging learners because kids can use the dots on the dice to help them count. Also, when your little learners want to play with their big brother or sister give them dice and have them identify the numbers. They can also roll 2 dice and identify the bigger/smaller number.

Always encourage your child to make up their own game for practicing their math operations! You will be surprised at what they come up with. :)

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